Software Engineer, Stockholm


Ölkollen iOS app

Ölkollen (literally "beer tracker") is a universal iOS app which helps Swedish beer connoisseurs to keep track on upcoming newly arrived products in the state owned liquor store. The app send out notifications when new products are arriving and then again on the day of the launch. Additionally, the users can bookmark products to remember when they're standing in the store.

Ölkollen is my second universal iOS application built with Swift and the BaaS-framework. Based on the user's geo location the app can also find out the nearest store to buy a certain product.

Ölkollen on App Store


Boxmote - A Boxee Box remote control replacement

Boxmote the most popular remote control app for the Boxee Box on the App Store. It's a clean and simple remote control with built in keyboard which works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from iOS7 and up, as well as on the Apple Watch.

Boxmote was my first application written in Swift and my first independently published application on the App Store. When it comes to localization the app is translated into English, Swedish and German.

Boxmote on App Store

Learn Cyrillic

Learn Cyrillic iOS app

Learn Cyrillic is a universal iOS app to learn the Russian cyrillic alphabet. The app keeps track of the user's progress in learnig the alphabet and also includes a Cyrillic to Latin alphabet chart.

This is my third independently published universal (iPad + iPhone) app on the App Store.

Learn Cyrillic on App Store